How to field a poll in 5 minutes!

Now you can know what your friends or customers want or think: You just ask. You can easily create a poll here and spread it using chat, email or social media.

Create A Poll!

Or complete this form:

3 simple steps towards lots of answers:

1) Create a poll. The fastest way is to click the facebook login button to the left, then click 'Add new' and fill out your question and all possible answers. Hit submit to save.
2) Your poll is already ready! Where it says 'view this poll on'. Click the link.
3) Use the buttons above the poll to share it on facebook, twitter and in other ways. Send it using email, distribute it whichever way you like!

And watch the results come in!

Many also use facebook to ask their friends what their favorite musician or actress is. Or to ask a group of people where they want to eat or what they want to do. Many business people use it to ask customers how they best like a product, shop or design. There are tons of applications and tons of fun to be had!




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